OMG! Where’d you get that?

Jessica Ruiz Computer Rocks

As many of you know, the Women’s Center takes great pride in it’s swag.  This fall is no exception.  We unveiled the now famous, “Of Course I’m a Feminist” sticker here at USD.  Whether at the UC/SLP Open House, the Alcala Bazaar, resource fairs, or welcome receptions, people could be found rushing toward the sticker bowl to grab one (or ten).  Maybe people are just really excited about free sparkly stickers. (Who can ever get enough glitter?)  Or maybe people are really excited about equality…

While we in the W-C love ourselves some glitter, it’s about equality.  Its about sharing the news that we are committed to ending sexism, to ending oppression.  For those of you sporting the sticker across campus – what does it mean for you?

(Props must be given to Miranda and the Stanford Women’s Center for sharing all that glitters!)


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