Ban Bossy

The language around women leaders is so often negative and destructive. This is clear in everything from the way our female presidential candidates are talked about, to the way strong young women are viewed in the classroom, on their sports teams, or in any aspect of their life. In order to raise women up, we must start with empowering girls and young women. The “Ban Bossy” campaign, started by the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, is a movement that is seeking to raise awareness about the impact of the language that is used towards strong women leaders.

The words “bossy” or “bitchy” are almost exclusively directed towards women in positions of leadership and power, while their counterparts almost never experience that kind of verbal belittling. Male leaders, both young boys and men, are deemed as strong and capable, while women who take up leadership roles are questioned. The struggle is then to actualize this idea into our everyday lives; how do we empower women to become the strong leaders that they want to become? And, how do we do that in our community here on USD’s campus?

Tell us what you think and the steps you are taking or will start taking, to support women leaders.


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